IPL 2020: Have teams approached the Super Over the Wrong Way

Shami bowled a tight over in the Super Over against Mumbai

The Dream XI IPL 2020 has already seen four super overs. The most there has been in a season so far is two.
With the quality of teams increasing and games getting closer, the Super Over is always a factor.

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Seeing how the shootouts have gone this season, a question may arise on whether teams have approached the super over properly.
The batting side, in particular, has been unable to make use of the super over in most cases.

Punjab was a part of three super overs (two in the same game) and have been bowled out with deliveries to spare in two of them.
Against the Capitals, they faced Rabada, and both Pooran and Rahul were out with three deliveries to spare.

Against the Mumbai Indians, they again lost an early wicket while Rahul was dismissed off the final ball, leaving them with only five runs on the board.

The Sunrisers Hyderabad faced the same issue when they played their super over. Warner and Samad were dismissed within three balls going for big shots, leaving just three runs for Rashid to defend.

Ferguson took two wickets in three balls during the super over

Mumbai Indians against Royal Challengers could also not crack the code. They could only manage seven runs and lost Pollard during the over.
They decided to go for a conventional pair in the super over against Punjab, which also didn’t work out as they failed to chase down six runs.

The Mumbai Indians, however, did better in the second super over against the Knight Riders. They made 11 runs going with an explosive pair and could have gotten more if not for a save by Mayank Agarwal that prevented a six.

The Super overs have favored the chasing teams, which goes against the traditional thought that runs on the board in a one over fight are of great advantage.

Rabada has proven himself to be a super over specialist having never lost a super over in various attempts

While the Capitals and Knight Riders had easy chases in their overs, the Royal Challengers didn’t have as straightforward a hunt as Bumrah was to bowl.
They had to get eight runs with Bumrah bowling, which was achieved with ease by Ab De Villiers and Virat Kohli.

Looking at the results, there have been many cases where the team batting first did not maximize their resources.

Having only two wickets in hand for the six balls, batsmen have gone for their shots straightaway. Playing a low percentage of cricket shots resulted in batsmen losing their wickets early, while bowlers were also spot on with the plans.

The bowlers have nailed their Yorkers in the super over, making it harder for the batsmen to put the ball away.

They see how teams have failed to make use of their quota of deliveries. The Mumbai Indians changed their approach during the super over.
Chasing six runs, they went with a conventional opening pair.

They sent Rohit Sharma and Quinton De Kock. The plan to bat out the six balls was reasonable and would have come off well had it not been for Mohammad Shami.

Shami bowled a tight over executing his Yorkers to perfection and had ensured the game goes into another over.

Seeing how the approach to play regular batsmen didn’t work out, and the batsmen could not score quick enough, Mumbai Indians went back to explosive players like Pollard and Hardik Pandya.

With Pollard informing and his execution perfect, Mumbai managed to bat out the super over and ended it with a good score.

Seeing how Mumbai went with explosive batsmen upfront, Punjab went to their explosive batsman Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal, who finished the match off with ease.

The right approach to super over batting is yet to be discovered, with teams struggling to play out the six balls. Even if they face the six balls, teams work to get a good score on the board, as was the case with Mumbai against Bangalore.

With the number of super overs increasing, there will surely be more discussions on how to play in the over and what changes should be made. So, it is likely that the quality of cricket in the one over shootout will increase further and give fans more tight games to watch.