Covid-19 hits Fantasy Dream11 IPL 2020

IPL 2020, with all the difficulties and problems, was shifted to UAE for 2020 so that we might have a safer and sounder tournament. The authorities and officials worked hard to make this movement possible. However, the tournament has struck its first halt when 10 members of Chennai Super Kings contingent have tested positive with Covid-19.

At the moment, from those 10 affected persons, nine are support staff members and one is a player. But still, a notion of caution, why this thing happened. With all the safety measures taken, with all the requirements of the isolation period, this pandemic has caused-motion of unpredictability in the visiting teams.

All the infected persons have been moved to another hotel which is different from the team hotel and are been treated and carefully looked after by the medical staff in complete isolation.

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What does this mean?

With this, all the members of CSK squad have been asked to undergo a fourth Covid-19 test and their quarantine period has been extended to September 1. According to the IPL Covid-19 protocols, each person had to return three negative tests and has to complete a mandatory period of six days in isolation. It is understood that these positive cases have come on the third round of tests.

What awaits the affected persons?

Another period of isolation for two weeks. According to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of IPL, all those who are tested positive will need to observe a quarantine period of at least two weeks and have to clear two tests after which they can join their team members.

When will CSK start their training?

As a result, all the members of CSK contingent have been asked to undergo a 4th test and their quarantine period has been increased to September 1. That’ll put a big dent to the CSK preparations as other teams have already started their preparations for the tournament.

Does Chennai preparations play its part?

CSK had staged a five-day preparatory camp in Chennai before coming to Dubai. Despite having reservations from their CEO Kasi Viswanathan, the camp took place when M.S. Dhoni insisted. However, it should not be linked with the cases that arrived in Dubai because all the players returned two negative Covid-19 tests and have landed in Dubai virus free. So, the players must have gotten the virus after landing in Dubai.

Will the IPL 2020 go ahead as normal?

At this moment, there is nothing to panic. IPL has strict Covid-19 protocols and they are following it. Each member of each team has to go three Covid-19 tests only after those players will be allowed to enter the bio-secure bubble.

The first match will be held on 19th September between Chennai Super Kings and the defending champions Mumbai Indians. It will be difficult for players to be in isolation for some time but now they must have realized why it is important. However, teams, who have cleared their three tests, have already started their preparations and we expect a healthy, entertaining, excitement-full, and thriller IPL.