Have The Mumbai Indians been as bad as the Table Suggests: IPL 2021

The Mumbai Indians have never been strong starters in the IPL.

The last time they won their first game of the season was back in 2013, and ever since, they have made the bad start to the season a trend.

Going by history, one may feel that the current start isn’t even close to as bad as how it seems.

Six games into the tournament, the Mumbai Indians have won and lost three each.

The start has been a fair one, and the Mumbai Indians are still well placed on the table.

Mumbai Indians

Going deeper into the season will suggest that the performances have been nowhere close to evil.

Both their wins and losses have been in closely fought games, which could have shifted either way, but close games are the norm in Chennai, with tracks producing low-scoring games.

Playing the first five games in Chennai didn’t help their cause too much as their middle-order struggled supposedly struggled to get going.

There have been questions over Quinton De Kock’s form and the middle-orders results as well.

However, after the win against Rajasthan, De Kock’s lack of runs can be put down to the venue.

Coming off a break and playing on the slow Chennai surface may have restricted the free-flowing De Kock, which is why the opener struggled.

Quinton De Kock came back to his best with a match-winning 70, not out with a venue change.

His innings held the game together and brought the opener back to form.

With good innings under his belt, the issue brought up about lack of runs from the opener is likely to be solved, as the knock may give him the momentum to be at his best.

With Quinton De Kock among the runs, the Mumbai Indians have got their top three firings, as Suryakumar has been as reliable as ever at number three, and Rohit Sharma has been consistent at the top.

Rohit Sharma’s consistency is a new factor for the Mumbai Indians.

Over the years, Rohit Sharma has been praised for his captaincy, but his batting has slipped under the radar despite a few match-winning performances.

However, this season has been pretty consistent in getting Mumbai off to starts and has provided the perfect launching pad for the middle-order.

The next point of discussion has been the middle-order, which has again slipped under the radar.

While Hardik Pandya and Ishan Kishan have struggled on the slow Chennai track, the middle-order again hasn’t been as bad as it seems.

Despite Pandya and Kishan struggling, the Mumbai Indians have managed to keep themselves afloat with the top-orders consistency and some big hits from Kieron Pollard.

Kieron Pollard has provided Mumbai with some crucial runs at the end of the innings and has looked very good this season.

His cameos have been very valuable in Chennai, and he may enjoy playing the Chennai Super Kings, who he has an exceptional record against.

Krunal Pandya is another player who has shown glimpses of brilliance and is helping his side, despite being considered to be in poor form.

Krunal Pandya has had some good spells and decent knocks in the season.

Coming to the bowling, the Mumbai Indians have been good in what is their strong suit.

The bowlers, Rahul Chahar in particular, have done well, and the death bowling has been brilliant.

The issue for the bowlers has been the lack of runs in two of their games.

With low scores against Delhi and Punjab, the bowling didn’t have enough runs to play with but still managed to take the games deep.

They also fought back from a poor situation against Hyderabad and Kolkata to win two close games and have shown that their bowling can threaten at any stage of the game.

To sum it up, the bowling has been as good as it usually is, but the side performance has slipped under the radar a touch as the middle-order hasn’t managed to replicate last season’s performance.

Last season, Mumbai Indians had a brilliant middle-order, filled with in-form six-hitters, and batters kept coming.

They have the same middle-order this season, but the form has been an issue.

Rohit Sharma, Suryakumar Yadav, and Kieron Pollard have been consistent, while Quinton De Kock has also regained his form.
Krunal Pandya has also chipped in silently.

Struggling with a slight shoulder injury, Hardik Pandya has been a little hampered on the field but can regain his form with the talent he brings.

Ishan Kishan has been given a break and can come back anytime with the same aggression as last season.

With the bowling looking good and batting catching up quickly, the Mumbai Indians seem well placed to dominate the mid and late season as they are known to.

For now, the Mumbai Indians will be taking on the Chennai Super Kings.

The Mumbai Indians have a good record against the Chennai Super Kings but have also had a fierce rivalry.

The Chennai Super Kings are also coming off a five-win streak, and the game could be a tough one for both sides.

Considering the record, though, Mumbai has the upper hand, mainly due to their bowling.

Along with their bowling, several batters have decent records against the Chennai Super Kings, with Kieron Pollard having an excellent history with the side.

With match-ups favoring the Mumbai Indians, and momentum behind the Chennai Super Kings, the lead-up is a promising one.

A win for Mumbai, in particular, will send alarm bells to other sides, as most know how dangerous the Mumbai Indians can be.

Sanjay Sanapoori

A mechanical engineering student, who has immense love for cricket. Been a fan of the game since 2009 and would love to stay involved with Cricket someway or the other.