Ravichandran Ashwin Hand First and final warning to batsmen looking to steal extra runs in IPL 2020

Ravichandran Ashwin stops to warn Finch who wandered out the crease early

During Bangalore’s pursuit of 196, Aaron Finch was handed a warning by off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin. Bowling the third over of the second inning, Ravichandran Ashwin had stopped during his delivery. He didn’t let go of the delivery and instead watched Finch, who was well out of his crease. Ashwin offered a smile while watching Finch out of his crease.

Umpire Nitin Menon alerted Finch of what happened. The cameras had immediately panned to Delhi Capitals coach, Ricky Ponting. Ponting was smiling at the incident. He was in the limelight following the incident due to his statements before the tournament.

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Ponting had publicly disagreed with Ashwin’s stance and said that this form of dismissal won’t be permitted in the Delhi Capitals. He said he’d have a challenging conversation with Ashwin regarding this topic.

Following a discussion, Ricky Ponting agreed that batsmen cheating should be stopped from stealing a few yards. He said that a penalty of runs or something will be a good option and will influence players to be a little more watchful.

Ashwin himself tweeted about this issue before the start of the season. His tweet suggested the bowlers could get a free ball when non-strikers were backing up too much.

The run out of batsmen at the non-striker’s end came into the limelight last season.

Ravichandran Ashwin, captain of the Kings XI Punjab, similarly had run-out Jos Butler. The incident raised a lot of debates regarding the laws of cricket and the spirit of the game. Many people had gone on to criticize Ashwin for not giving a warning first.

This time around, Ashwin started, giving a warning to Aaron Finch. He later tweeted that his actions will be the first and final warning to offending batsmen this season.

Following the run-out incident, the Delhi Capitals restricted Bangalore to 137, winning by 59 runs.

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