Experienced Saha or Aggressive Pant for Wicket-keeping Role in 1st Test

With the Test series set to begin, both sides have their share of debates over certain spots.

Saha and Pant is one of the such debates, as India look to select their keeper for the first Test.

Both are skilled players with the big gloves and are handy lower-order batsmen.

One has been with the Indian team for quite a few years and is highly experienced.

The other keeper is young, raw, and highly talented.

Personalities differ between the two keepers as one is silent, and the other is chirpy and shows that he enjoys every second of the game.

Let us now look into the candidates for the vacant spot:

Wriddhiman Saha:

Saha has suffered from various injuries over the last year

Ever since Dhoni’s Test retirement, Wriddhiman Saha took the responsibility behind the wickets for India.

He has been a regular member of the side and joined India’s leadership group as he is a crucial member behind referral calls.

His growth went to the extent of him being called one of the world’s best Keepers, as he displayed excellent skills with the gloves.

With injuries, Saha hasn’t been able to hang on to his place over the last two years.

When available, he was preferred at home, but he was in and out due to his injuries.

With a top-class technique, Saha as India’s first-choice keeper at home.

Playing at home, India goes for Saha as a more accomplished keeper is preferred on the spinning tracks.

His batting is also useful, as he bats well with the tail and has played some excellent knocks.

With injuries and the rise of Pant, Saha hasn’t played much on the recent overseas tours.

He didn’t play any Test in England or Australia on the last visits, and he may find it tough to get a go in Australia.

On pitches that have life in them, Saha may still be preferred due to his ability, but it may be tough to break into the side for now.

He made 54 in the first warm-up game, saving India’s match, but was out for zero in his other two innings.

His competitor, on the other hand, made a dazzling century in the second warm-up game.

Rishabh Pant:

Rishabh Pant has been India’s regular overseas keeper for the last three foreign tours.

He has shown his ability overseas, scoring two centuries in Test Cricket.

Known for his attacking batting, Pant brings a new nature to the side.

He is a good keeper like Saha, and on his day, he can make a massive impact with the bat.

Pant has shown a bit of inexperience while batting with the tail but is young and has time to develop that aspect of his game.

He is India’s first-choice overseas, especially on grounds where there is not too much movement.

With Australian grounds not offering too much swing, he is likely to keep his spot due to his aggressive batting.

Along with his batting and keeping, Pant showed another ability during India’s last visit to Australia.

He had some exchanges with the Aussies and is a player who can be very chirpy behind the wickets.

His words are usually light-hearted and show how Pant enjoys being out in the middle.

He is a player who brings a touch of freshness in multiple aspects, and India may look to stick with him.

He has, however, fallen out of favor over the last few months.

He didn’t have a great IPL, lost his place in the limited-overs sides, and the selectors keep an eye on him.

He did, however, show signs of form in the warm-up games.

He played the second tour game and made a century off just 73 balls.

The knock may have just sealed his spot, as he has brought back his aggressive style of batting.

Sanjay Sanapoori

A mechanical engineering student, who has immense love for cricket. Been a fan of the game since 2009 and would love to stay involved with Cricket someway or the other.