Sri Lanka and Australia Rethink After South Africa’s Covid-19 Outbreak

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s visit later this year in discussion

The Covid-19 outbreak in South Africa has put many questions on others about the bio-bubbles in place.

Sri Lanka and Australia will both be thinking hard about what their options are in the coming days.

The bio-bubble integrity comes into question, as England has recently pulled out of the ODI series.

The England tour had been called off following an outbreak in the hotel and some breaches in the protocols.

With the facilities also provided not satisfactory, the bio-bubble has been a worry.

Before the start of the series, few members of the South African camp have tested positive.

The players were put into isolation, and the problem may have been solved there.

With members from both camps testing, later on, there have been ODIs canceled minutes before the start of play.

The events weren’t promising, and the future for South Africa during the pandemic remains uncertain.

According to the Test Championship, Australia are to face South Africa early next year.

There is a three-Test series between the two nations in the pipeline.

Before the Test Champions ship Final, the tour is considered a pivotal affair to take place in Lords later next year.

The problems that surfaced during England’s visit may change things now.

Australia consider Perth as an alternate venue after recent outbreak

Before the Australian series, South Africa was to face Sri Lanka for two Tests.

The tour is scheduled for later this month and is likely to be Sri Lanka’s first stint of international cricket during the pandemic.

Sri Lanka’s visit depends on how convinced they are about the bio-bubbles in place.

As of now, Sri Lanka is considering pull-out of the tour or have South Africa visit Sri Lanka instead.

Neutral venues are also an option, but with the case count lower in Sri Lanka, there are multiple options to look at for the tour.

The tour is essential for Sri Lanka as they cannot afford to risk their player’s safety.

With England visiting Sri Lanka shortly after the South African tour, their players’ health is essential.

England’s visit is vital for Sri Lanka as the tour has already been rescheduled once.

Discussions remain regarding the safety of the bio-bubbles in South Africa.

Sri Lanka will also look to England to gain some knowledge on the protocols followed.

The SLC medical staff, including the hotel staff, are being looked into at various factors, who have tested positive during England’s visit.

They want the protocols to be tight like those in the Lanka Premier League and hope the bubble is sufficient.

The discussions leave South Africa with a lot to prove regarding their space’s integrity, as it has come into the spotlight.

Sri Lanka insists on strict protocols as they don’t want anyone to be infected ahead of the England tour.

The England series is an important one for Sri Lanka financially.

Sri Lanka became the first team to win a Test series in South Africa during their last visit.

Going back to the Australia series, there are considerations of shifting the tour to Perth.

Perth’s time zone allows it better for South Africa in the case of day-night Tests.

There is a plan in place as Perth seems ready to host international cricket.

Perth hasn’t had a chance to host any international cricket after the Afghanistan Test was called off.

The Australia series, however, takes place after the Sri Lankan one.

In case Sri Lanka tour the nation, Australia will get a chance to look into the protocols in place, and if everything goes smoothly, Australia may feel more comfortable.

The gap allows Australia to think a bit and decide later.

In case things don’t go as planned, and the tour takes place in Perth or any other neutral venue, the revenue planning has been discussed and will likely help CSA, who are struggling financially.

Other nations’ visits are essential for CSA, who have also been hit financially by England’s pull-out.

South Africa has maintained a good record over Australia on away tours while Australia managed to fight back while playing in South Africa.

If Australia does visit South Africa, Steve Smith and David Warner will get a chance to play in the nation where sandpaper gate started.

Among everything, South Africa has a visit from Pakistan scheduled, and also a visit to Pakistan.

The visit to Pakistan will be their first in fourteen years.

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